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Rain Forest and Bear Habitat Tour

The forests of British Columbia's Pacific Coast are among the world's most productive, not only because of an ideal climate for tree growth but also because of the rich base of genetic diversity and the long evolutionary time that has allowed for adaptation to the climatic conditions.

The eco-system is unique to the area and showcases a wide range of plants, flowers and trees. Through these mysterious forests filled with legends and spirits we walk and listen to the sound of nature.

Duration: 2 hours (round trip)
Departure: 10:00 am, 1:00 pm
Difficulty: Easy

Price: $67.00 CAN per person

* We provide you with a day pack, light snack and beverage.

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Lakes and Rivers Tour

The Coast Mountains have sustained thousands of years of erosion by glaciers and rivers. For that very reason the landscape is rich in diversity and beauty. A rich flora and fauna coexist and we will take great pride in offering you the opportunity to fully experience that immensity and serenity.

Duration: 3 hours (return)
Departure: 9:00 am, 1:00 pm
Difficulty: Easy to moderate


Adult: $97 CAN per person

Youth: $77 CAN per person

Family: $317 (2 adults and 2 youth)

* We will provide you with a day pack, light snack and beverage.

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