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Why Heli Hiking? Heli Hiking offers the opportunity for adventure seekers to escape the hustle and bustle of their own daily lives and challenge the very conception of what a weekend adventure should be.

The plan is this: hikers board a helicopter with their guide in the morning and are droped off in a remote location otherwise impossible or very hard to access via conventional methods. The small group then follows the guide while exploring their surroundings. Because Heli Hiking invovles trips to the top of the mountains or otherwise very scenic locations, one can easily spend hours soaking in the breathtaking views or can engage in a challenging and memorable activity. After the day is over, the tired but fufilled hikers, are taken back to the Heliport to share their mountain experience.

Coast Mountain Guides in conjunction with Blacktusk Helicopters are offering heli hiking from the Squamish airport. The guide and pilot are in constant communication, therefore reducing the risk of a group becoming lost or stranded. Often design for groups of 2-5 guest, our Heli Hiking tours can accommodate families or medium size groups based on Aircarft size and availability. Coast mountain Guides can customize trips based on hikers fitness level and group objectives. See below our favorite destinations:

Blanca Lakes Princess Louisa
Echo Lake skypilot

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