Arthur de Cordova

The backcountry can throw a lot of things at you, and you want a guide that brings experience with humour when dealing with the unknown. Guillaume can navigate you safely through a white out, rattle off 10 different types of snowflakes, and sabre a champagne bottle with his ski…all the important things in life! Guillaume has been my guide for 10 years of memorable day trips and multi-day winter camping expeditions in BC.

Nigel Bridemore

These guys are the best! They teach us so much and they encourage us to push our boundaries. No matter what season…we ski backcountry with them, we sport climb with them, we explore the Tantalus with them and we ice-climb with them! And above all else with have fun with them. Their resourcefulness is boundless – they produced a birthday cake on a rock climb and a BBQ in the Tantalus. There is no better outfit in Whistler and the Coast Mountains.

Alex Marangoni, Guelph, ON

My two boys were trained in backcountry skills by Guillaume Otis and Coast Mountain Guides. I can attest to the extensive local knowledge, the very high technical level of instruction, the constant attention to safety and the never-ending energy and enthusiasm. The boys learned some real backcountry skills while having a lot of fun in a very positive environment. As outdoor enthusiasts and having hiked up and down most of the amazing hikes/climbs in the Pemberton-Squamish area, dad (me) and the two boys decided to step it up during the summer of 2017, with the help of CMG. After warming up on  the Cook-Weart traverse, we ended up climbing the beautiful snows of Wedgemount, Mt. Matier, and the Tantalus Range (Dione, Serratus and Alpha). Guillaume constantly trained us in glacier travel, snow climbing techniques, safety, gear and decision making. Never did we feel we were climbing unsafely; he is very methodical and has a knack for matching your ability with the appropriate adventure. I am still smiling thinking back to all the amazing views, friendship and fun. On a separate note, meals prepared by Guillaume and CMGs are just next level. From fresh veggies to wine, I have never been so full of amazing food. You can count on me as a repeat customer for many years to come.

James Papadimitriou, Montreal, QC

For close to a decade I have worked with Guillaume to organize a client ski day during a large real estate conference held every year in Whistler. What started as a few people is now a full on event and a highlight of the industry calendar bringing together over sixty colleagues. Guillaume‘s attention to detail, safety first approach and passion for providing the best service possible, regardless of conditions, has made our client ski day something that everyone looks forward to!

Ally Gandy, Vancouver, BC

I’ve taken a few courses with G and have kept coming back because of his knowledge and flexibility. He customized my climbing course to help me work on the weaker parts of my trad climbing. He taught our AST1 course at a backcountry hut. He even customized our AST2 course with extra field days and evening classroom days to maximize time in the mountains. G’s infectious enthusiasm, thoroughness and knowledge made the whole experience. I highly recommend G for any course or adventure you’re planning! 

Averil and Joe Wiley

We have worked with Guillaume and his team for more than 10 years. Over that time Coast Mountain Guides has introduced us to some of the best back country ski terrain in the world … right in Whistler’s backyard! Guillaume knows where to go no matter the conditions and always strikes the right balance between keeping us happy in fresh snow and keeping us safe. When we aren’t skiing with Guillaume you can find him taking us and our friends for a snow shoe into some beautifully remote area of the valley or enjoying a day on the mountain bikes. Any day with Coast Mountain Guides is a good day!

Toby Mason, San Francisco, CA

Guillaume and JF are both amazing. I have had my best days in the mountains with them and they always deliver a fantastic day. Guillaume once guided me through a complete whiteout to ski 3 major couloirs in one day. I couldn’t even see my hand in front of me let alone the cliffs and crevasses. I feel 100% safe putting mine and my family’s life in their hands. The are highly skilled and highly talented and know the mountain better than the back of their hands. It is also a pleasure spending the day with them. Lots of fun and lots of excitement!